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Leading the Change: Empowering Gender Equality in Education Leadership

Haffsa Rizwani

Join us for an empowering and timely talk that delves into the critical role of school principals and teachers in championing gender equality in education. Explore strategies to empower and raise self-awareness, challenge biases and stereotypes, and discover how you can lead the change towards a more inclusive and equitable educational environment. Together, we can be the change our schools and communities require to break down gender barriers and create an equitable future for all our children. 


Haffsa Rizwani is a senior consultant at Allbright Foundation working with DEI Leadership and Organizational Development.  

She is also a doctoral candidate in the Department of Leadership, Organization and Behavior at Henley Business School where her research inquiry seeks to understand the career trajectory, advancement, and success of Swedish female leaders in the context of socialism and egalitarianism. She is also a member and advisor for the Henley Centre for Leadership (HCL) and at times also contributes editorials on leadership topics for the HCL’s newsletter Horizons. 


Haffsa has been a board member for the Women’s Shelter Sigtuna and is today the Global Ambassador for The Citizen’s Foundation where her advocacy role is to raise awareness and funds for under-privileged children’s education in Pakistan, especially girls.  

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