Peter Hall Jones

Brilliant teachers, great schools, super citizens - the future of education’s in safe hands

In this humorous and active session, Peter Hall Jones will share stories of  great teachers (like you) around the world doing wonderful things with learners every day and how as a global profession of motivated inspiring teachers we can make a kind, compassionate safe and sustainable future.


Peter Hall Jones, a former infant teacher and a nationally recognised Headteacher, Peter has recently lead on mindset, curriculum and leadership change initiatives at a national scale in countries as diverse as Myanmar, Kenya and Pakistan. 


Peter has worked as a thought leader, coach and trainer of headteachers, district and national officers and educationalists in countries including China, Singapore, South Korea, India, Lebanon, South Sudan, Rwanda to name but a few as well as consulting, coaching and helping transform  the leadership and culture in a number of large and SME companies, organisations and individuals across the UK including The Royal Mint, Steelcase, Alcumus, school trusts and charities